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Volume III, Issue I
The entire volume is available on PDF here.


Ungoverned Spaces, Transnational Crime, and the Prohibition on Extraterritorial Enforcement Jurisdiction in International Law
Dan E. Stigall

ECOWAS’s Right to Intervene in Côte d’Ivoire to Install Alassane Ouattara as President-Elect
Julie Dubé Gagnon

Constitutional Borrowing as Jurisprudential and Political Doctrine in Shri D.K. Basu v. State of West Bengal
Sam F. Halabi

Conscientious Objection of Health Care Providers: Lessons from the Experience of the United States
Soledad Bertelsen


Volume II, Issue II
The entire volume is available on PDF here.


Islamic Legal Theory and the Context of Islamist Movements
Cynthia Shawamreh

Terrorism in Violation of the Law of Nations
Juliet Sorensen

Friend, Not Foe: The Role of Civil Society in Preventing Violent Extremism
David Cortright with Alistair Millar, Linda Gerber-Stellingwerf, George A. Lopez, Kristen Wall, Eliot Fackler, and Joshua Weaver

Apocalyptic War Rhetoric: Drugs, Narco-Terrorism, and a Federal Court Nightmare from Here to Guantanamo
Thomas A. Durkin

Civil Liberties, Fear, and Terrorism
John Mueller and Mark G. Stewart

Adhering to Law and Values Against Terrorism
Mary Ellen O’Connell

Volume II, Issue I
The entire volume is available on PDF here.


Rising Together: Clarifying the International Environmental Marketing Claim Regulatory Landscape so that Developing Country Exporters May More Effectively Market Their Environmentally Responsible Products
Jeffrey Minneti

Reconstruing WTO Legitimacy Debates
Michael Fakhri

Assessing the Relevancy and Efficacy of the United Nations Convention against Corruption: A Comparative Analysis
Ophelie Brunelle-Quraishi

The Genocide Convention and Unprotected Groups: Is the Scope of Protection Expanding under Customary International Law?
David Shea Bettwy

Volume I, Issue I
The entire volume is available on PDF here.

A United Nations Instrument to Regulate and Monitor Private Military and Security Contractors
José Luis Gómez del Prado

What Nations Are Doing About Immigrant Workers In Downturn Economies: Examining and Comparing the Recent Treatment of Immigrant Workers in the United States and Spain
María Pabón López

Realizing the International Human Right to Health for Non-Citizens in the United States
Eleanor D. Kinney

Human Rights Aspirations, Professional Obligations: Practitioner Survey on the Ethics of Domestic Human Rights
Beth Lyon


The Case of Detainees Tortured in the Name of National Security and the “War on Terror”: Are they Entitled to Reparations?
Julie Dubé Gagnon

How Effective the International Criminal Court has Been: Evaluating the Work and Progress of the International Criminal Court
Moses Retselisitsoe Phooko


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