Political Science Teaching Assistant

The Political Science Department solicits law students to be T.A.s through e-mail. Consider applying for classes related to international law.

Immigration/Asylum Clinic

Immigration Law is a prerequisite for both Clinics, but it may also be taken concurrently.  This does not fulfill the upper-level ethics requirement.

Summer Internships

Summer internships are one of the best way to get direct international experience.  Brainstorm what type of international career you want and try to find something that will help you work towards that goal.

Summer International Programs

NDLS offers a summer in London program. Other universities and law schools offer summer programs specializing in international law ranging from Argentina to Vatican City.

You may qualify for a language grant through the Center for Study of Languages and Cultures.

Also consider getting field experience through the Center for Social Concern’s International Summer Service Learning Program.

Funding for research is also compiled by the Graduate School.

Law Firms with International Offices: Check with CSO on how to search Martin-Dale Hubbard and Lexis. Be sure to ask during interviews about work in overseas offices

Federal Government
If you are an ND law student, CSO has a password protected link to federal government career and internships positions

International Organizations

Non-Government Organizations

Human Rights NGOs

Women’s Issues


Private Sector Businesses and Banks

Search Engines and Job Posting Websites

Job Databases

Listservs: a wonderful way to stay abreast of current events. Jobs may also be announced first through listservs.

  • create your own “My Idealist” account. Customize email updates and how often you receive them
  • Derechos’ Human Rights Mailing Lists: lists various Human Rights listservs and directions on how to subscribe— Including listservs in Spanish.

Notre Dame Law School

Other Law Schools with Great Resources

Duke University: lists organizations alphabetically and includes Subject, Country and International Affiliation—Direct links to the Orgs

Harvard Law School

University of Minnesota

Northwestern University


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