Legal Perspectives on the Rights of Non-Citizens

February 18, 2011
International and Comparative Legal Perspectives on the Rights of Non-Citizens

Our panelists will explore the current issues faced by non-citizens regarding labor rights, health care, and access to justice in the U.S. This will serve as exciting topics in light of competing or parallel requirements in international and foreign law.

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Jorge Bustamante
Eugene Conley Professor of Sociology
University of Notre Dame
U.N. Special Rapporteur on Migration

Eleanor DeArman Kinney
Hall Render Professor of Law
Co-director of the William S. and Christine S. Hall Center for Law and Health
Indiana University, Indianapolis

Maria Pabon Lopez
Professor of Law, Dean’s Fellow
Indiana University, Indianapolis

Beth Lyon
Professor of Law
Director of the Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic
Villanova University School of Law

Sarah Paoletti
Practice Associate Professor of Law
Director of the Transnational Legal Clinic
University of Pennsylvania

Symposium Schedule

Thursday, February 17th - Rm 1130 Eck Hall of Law

5:00-6:00: Moot Court Int’l Showcase

6:00-6:30: Reception

Friday, February 18th – Rm 1310 Biolchini Hall of Law

8:45-9:30: Breakfast

9:30-9:40: Welcome

9:40-9:50: Symposium Introduction, Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell, Notre Dame

9:50-10:00: Panel #1 Intro: Sean O’Brien

10:00-10:30: Professor Eleanor Kinney, Indiana University, Indianapolis: Realizing the Human Right to Health for Noncitizens in the U.S.

10:30-11:00: Professor Sarah Paoletti, University of Pennsylvania: Human Rights Advocacy and (Im)Migrant Workers

11:00-11:30: Professor Beth Lyon, Villanova University: Migrant Workers’ Convention

Q&A: 11:30-11:45

11:45-1:00: Lunch

  • 12:00-12:10: Intro on Economic, Social, Cultural Rights of Noncitizens, Professor Doug Cassel, Notre Dame
  • 12:15-12:45: Videoconference Presentation on Draft Boston Principles on ESCR of Non-citizens

1:00-1:15: Panel #2 Intro: Christine Cervenak

1:15-1:45: Professor Jorge Bustamante, UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants:Human Rights and ICE Raids

1:45-2:15: Professor Maria Pabon Lopez, Indiana University, Indianapolis: Immigrants in Downturn Economies Under U.S. and Spanish Law

2:15-2:45: Father William Dailey, University of Notre Dame Law School: Immigration Law and Refugees

2:45-3:00: Q&A

3:00-3:45: Closing Reception


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